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Ministry Ideas for Young Adult Activities Members in young adult ministry groups include those with skills to mentor chidlren in the home church or in the surrounding community. Meaningful activities could include tutoring, sponsoring and befriending at-risk kids and teens. The relative youth of the young adult group members gives them an. A young adult ministry group for anyone who is interested in discussing and becoming a dedicated follower of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our mission is to continue to strengthen our faith, through building fellowship in Christ, and to provide a way to share our life experiences and challenges with others through scripture exploration.

Aiming the service project directly at young adults of certain ages makes the programs more appealing for those who are looking to serve those in need as well as network with a peer community through structured activities. Many Young Adult Ministry programs . To help our Young Adult Ministry Program expand and succeed, our mission is to bring together those young adults who are looking for a community built on faith to help them grow their network, relationships, and interests. We hope to be a place that young adults seek out for .

Young Adult Ministry. Young Adult Ministry. Recent YAM. Upcoming Events and Contact Info. Adult Faith Formation. Adult Faith Formation Information. Wine and Wisdom. Dinner & Dialogue. Belonging. Bible Studies. Men's Bible Study. Thursday Evening Bible Study. Women's Bible Study. Mom's Bible Study. Basic Formation. Book Club. Catholics Returning. Young Adults Ministry If you are an emerging adult trying to navigate your 20’s while flooded with questions of identity, calling, and meaning, then you have found the right place. Join us on Friday nights to connect with other young adults and grow as a disciple of Jesus!