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First, Get The Right Hoop Adult hoops for beginners are larger, heavier, and MUCH easier to use than the small plastic hoops from the 50s. There are multiple ways to hula hoop, spinning the hoop at your waist and pushing from front to back or side to side. The video below demonstrates front to back waist hooping, how to walk and spin while hooping. Place the hula hoop around your body so that it encircles your waist. Instruct the children to press the hoop against their lower backs, while gripping the hoop with both hands on opposite sides of the hoop. Your arms should be extended from your body, as if you want to give someone a hug. Thrust the hoop either to the left or to the right, and release the hoop from your hands. Gyrate your hips so that the Author: Jinnene Foster.

If you are trying to use a kid’s hoop from a toy store, sports store or Walmart/Kmart you are setting yourself up for disaster. – A Hoop Space. Once you have your adult size hoop if you want to hula hoop inside you will need to clear some space so that you don’t go crashing into everything around you. Most toy hula hoops only weigh 1.5-2 oz. which is far too light for adult use! Note on Weight: Is a heavier hoop better for weight loss? As with most things, moderation is key when it comes to the weight of your hula hoop when starting out.