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For more than 30 years, Groupe SEBBIN has been continually innovating and developing a range of high quality implants to meet the requirements of women. Breast implants. They may be round or anatomical, pre-filled with silicone gel, which is always cohesive but of variable firmness according to taste or inflatable with physiological saline. Official website of Laboratoires Sebbin, designer of high technology implants for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Sebbin Breast Implant Sizes. Inflatable Saline Breast Implants. These breast implants come in both smooth and textured shells. Saline Breast Implants. Cohesive NATURGEL™ Silicone Gel Breast Implants. These breast implants come in both smooth and textured shells, and are comprised of a soft, cohesive silicone gel. Patient information booklet breast implants - 32 Pages. Add to MyMedicalExpo favorites {{requestButtons}} For 26 years, Laboratoires SEBBIN have not ceased in the innovation and development of a whole range of high quality breast implants to respond to women's needs. They can be round-shaped or anatomical, always pre-filled with cohesive Group: E SEBBIN.

I had breast augmentation on July 13. I am 10 day post op. I was a 32aaa, really flat chested, no asymmetry. 5 ft, 37 kgs, 12 cm breast. The surgeon put 345 cc sebbin mirotextured medium profile silicone. When I woke up still naked from the surgery, I immediately noticed that the left breast sits higher than my right. I am right handed. Oct 04, 2017 · Group Sebbin, a breast implant manufacturer, has pledged to work with the scientific community to better understand the risks and causes of breast implant-associated cancer.

I'm 5'3 125lbs, 46 years old got breast aug 3 months ago. Went form 50B to 50C. Sebbin silicone implants 335cc, under the armpit approach. The operation was under general anesthesia and included 2 procedures – implants insertion and accessory breast surgery. Apr 30, 2019 · The global breast implants market is expected to grow at a steady pace and post a CAGR of nearly 6% during the 2019-2023 period, while the world’s top 13 breast implants manufacturers are expected to lead the market growth. According to the FDA, about 5-10 million women worldwide have breast implants. This market is growing at a relatively slow pace in developing countries.Author: Technavio.