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Sep 04, 2007 · I’m 22 yrs old, 5”3 100lbs, slim. But I’m very embarrassed about my small breast. I don’t know why that I’m very self conscious about this. I do look pretty and other parts of my body also looks good, but I still don’t feel feminine because I have a flat chest. People in my family were making fun of me and it makes me so angry. May 30, 2015 · High fashion designers seem to be partial towards smaller breasts, and it seems like there are plenty of movie and television actresses who don’t have to be a C or D cup to get work in Tinseltown. Even though men and some entertainment industries tend to be fascinated with large breasts, there are several reasons why small breasts are better.Author: Shondell.

May 18, 2010 · If not, don't worry about it; there are many very beautiful women with very small breasts. Aside from all that, realize that your body is perfect the way it is and don't base your self worth on the size of your breasts, butt, thighs, or any other part of your body. Focus on yourself as a whole, mentally and physically. Beauty eventually fades.Followers: 2. Breakfast was over quickly after that, Jessica was just carrying on small talk with Jeff, while he made only short responses, seemingly a bit shocked, no doubt with vivid memories of her bare breasts in his head while she asked him about work etc. I, once again, .

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