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One is the end of the Well area you just finished, and the other is a shortcut that only works after you have acquired the Mirror Shield. Now that you have it, you never have to return to the Well again! Shortcut To Ikana Castle. From the Owl Statue in Ikana Canyon, run towards the castle gate (it’s white and red with pillars around it). After reviving the river, healing Pamela's father, and obtaining the Gibdo Mask in Ikana Canyon, you can go Beneath the Well. Before the Well. Be sure to wear your Gibdo Mask the whole time here.

NOTE: Nothing in section 10.1 is required. If you are strictly concerned with continuing along in the main quest, jump ahead to 10.2 – Ikana Canyon. Only the first half of section 10.2 is required to progress, as the majority of this chapter consists of optional content. With the Great Bay Temple. Jul 28, 2019 · Ikana Canyon is a location in Majora's Mask. It is the eastern area of Termina. It is known to be a cursed land where the Ikana Kingdom once existed, being home to the dead and filled with spirits who linger with regret and hatred. The Garo Ninjas can also be found here spying on the deserted land.Games: Majora's Mask.