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Redness on the penis tip is also known as balanitis and those who are uncircumcised are more at risk. Redness on the penis head is often associated with itching, swelling, or pain with urination. Common causes include penis irritation caused by hygienic products and chemicals, urethritis, scabies, or sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia. Penis irritation 4-minute read. washing powders or fabric softeners, if underwear is not rinsed properly new underwear (especially if it is not made from cotton). Irritation can also be due to a build-up of sweat and urine from not washing under your foreskin properly, or from scrubbing or excessive washing of the penis.

You might have redness, swelling, pain, itching, or discharge in the tip of your penis. Skin folds can trap dead cells, discharge, and oils. Skin folds can trap dead cells, discharge, and oils. Others need to know that through (oral and maybe unprotected sex also because I was drunk enough to have both) you can obtain a slight sting at the tip of your penis. And it may last for the rest of your life.

When males notice the tip of their penis is sore, there is a good chance they are suffering from a syphilis infection which will present with ulcers in the penis. Unfortunately, this line of thinking is entirely wrong so males need to be proactive to protect themselves from these types of infections.Author: Christopher Pavlinec, MD. Pain on the tip of the penis can be an allergic reaction due to contact of the penis tip and irritants. The allergic reaction may further cause your penis skin to look cracked, dry and inflamed. Some of the irritants may include harsh soaps, some kind of latex such as condoms with Spermicide, contraceptive jelly, creams, deodorants and fragrance which contain chemicals and plant extracts.

Answer. In addition to this, there can be local irritation of the urethra or tip of the penis from a wide range of chemicals. These could include soaps that you might be using in the shower, especially if you are vigorously cleaning the tip of the penis. With masturbation, it is possible to have a reaction to a lotion or personal lubricant. Sep 27, 2018 · The tip of the penis is sensitive and easily injured by mechanical and chemical factors. Mechanical trauma to the tip of the penis is not as common as chemical irritation. The latter may or may not be related to an allergy and can occur with.